Florence covers Net-a-Porter

Florence is one of Net-a-Porter’s Women In Hollywood cover stars! The magazine posted an interview with her on their website (June 14, 2019), which included a new photo session by Camila Falquez and an interesting conversation between Florence and fellow cover star Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Deadpool 2). The images have been added to our gallery, and you can read the article and watch the video below. Enjoy!

florence pugh, net-a-porter, 2019, net a porter, photoshootflorence pugh, net-a-porter, 2019, net a porter, photoshootflorence pugh, net-a-porter, 2019, net a porter, photoshootflorence pugh, net-a-porter, 2019, net a porter, photoshoot

British actress Florence Pugh, 23, has steadily been climbing the ladder to worldwide acclaim by way of BBC drama The Little Drummer Girl, 2016’s Lady Macbeth – for which she was nominated for BAFTA’s Rising Star Award – and upcoming, much-hyped horror Midsommar. But it’s her performance as divisive Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s Christmas adaption of Little Women that is set to send her stratospheric.

NAP: Who has been most pivotal to your career?

FP: I had the privilege of working with Emma Thompson [on King Lear] – I’ve grown up watching her and fallen in love with her again and again. I got to hang out with her when Time’s Up and Me Too exploded, and that was a wicked time to be around someone so loud.

NAP: What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned so far?

FP: Speaking up goes a long way. People respect you for it. I think it’s very easy when you’re coming up in this industry to do anything anyone says because you feel your job might be jeopardized. It’s also scary how quickly you notice the difference in your morals, or what you now think of yourself… I have to remind myself of that, and protect myself more.

NAP: What’s been your most ‘Hollywood’ moment so far?

FP: Having tea and chips with Meryl [Streep] in a carriage in-between takes [on Little Women]. We were filming in Boston, doing an exterior scene, and it was cold and we were waiting and then suddenly chips arrived, and I was just eating chips and dipping them in ketchup with Meryl. It’s like, ‘What is happening?!’

NAP: Has your Britishness been an asset in Hollywood?

FP: The lack of need to be perfect definitely comes from being British. There’s something quite rough and ready about the way we’re brought up and the nonsense of silly things. It’s good to have that background when you’re doing something as ridiculous as acting.

NAP: What do you want your IMDB bio to say in 20 years’ time?

FP: I’ve always wanted to be in a Western. Always. That’s honestly my biggest thing. And I would like to direct at some point, but that’s way down the line. Other than that [laughs], if it was trivia, I would love to have owned a snail farm at some point. Snails are my favorite thing in the world.

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