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“Black Widow” officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con

Marvel fans have known for quite a while that Marvel Studios was planning a solo movie for their longtime hero Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow. As the months went by, casting rumors started to surface on the news but it wasn’t until this Saturday (July 20) that official information about the upcoming movie was out there: “Black Widow”, by Australian director Cate Shortland will premiere on May 1st, 2020 and Florence has been confirmed to play spy and assassin Yelena Belova!

The president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige confirmed that the film is set after the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016) and before Avengers: Infinity War (2018). He welcomed to the stage Florence, O-T Fagbenle (Mason), David Harbour (Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian), Rachel Weisz (Melina Vostokoff) and Black Widow herself Scarlett Johansson. They briefly talked about being at Comic-Con – most of them were there for the first time, including Florence -, their characters and being a part of the MCU.

Hall H, the room famously known for holding the event’s biggest presentations, was packed with fans that were lucky enough to see a first look at the movie. Unfortunately, filming was not allowed but here’s a description of the footage, courtesy of Screenrant.

The footage opened with a look back at Black Widow’s journey so far in the MCU, with some of Natasha’s most famous lines of dialogue used as voiceover, including her line about red in her ledger. The new Black Widow footage starts with a shot of Budapest (with location text over the scene in a similar style to Captain America: Civil War). It then focuses in on Natasha in a small city circle, then walking up the stars of an apartment building. Nat pulls her gun when a voice calls through the door of an apartment, “I know you’re out there.” Nat responds, “I know you know I’m out here.”

Nat enters the apartment, there’s a brief shot of a room filled with spy gadgets. She eventually comes face to face with Yelena, they’re both holding they’re guns at each other in identical poses. Nat suggests they talk like grown ups and Yelena tells her to put her gun down first. They start to fight, using classic Black Widow moves, mimicking each other. The fight is absolutely brutal, with both Natasha and Yelena using every weapon at their disposal including dish rags and kitchen knives. The scene cuts to after their fight, Nat says, “It’s good to see you too, sis.”

The footage then features a sizzle reel of quick cuts to a variety of scenes, one of Nat running along a mountain ridge in training gear, a motorcycle chase in what appears to be Budapest, and a shot of what seemed to be a group of Black Widows in the classic black jumpsuit. At the end of the footage, Natasha is confronted by villain Taskmaster on a bridge. He has the character’s shield and mask from the comics, and he mimics all of her fighting moves, proving to be a formidable foe for Natasha.

Our gallery has been updated with all the photos from inside the panel. Enjoy!

florence pugh, black widow, marvel studios, comic con, hall hflorence pugh, black widow, marvel studios, comic con, hall h, scarlett johansson, o-t fagbenle, rachel weisz, cate shortland, david harbourflorence pugh, black widow, marvel studios, comic con, hall h, scarlett johansson, o-t fagbenle, rachel weisz, cate shortland, david harbourflorence pugh, black widow, marvel studios, comic con, hall h, scarlett johansson, o-t fagbenle, rachel weisz, cate shortland, david harbourflorence pugh, black widow, marvel studios, comic con, hall h, scarlett johansson, o-t fagbenle, rachel weisz, cate shortland, david harbour

After the presentation inside Hall H, Florence and the cast did some press around the event. They stopped by Entertainment Weekly’s studio to take some Portraits and give them an interview. Check out the video and links to our gallery below.

florence pugh, comic con, portrait, entertainment weeklyflorence pugh, rachel weisz, david harbour, o-t fagbenle, scarlett johansson, comic con, portrait, entertainment weekly

Later on, joining SDCC’s press room, Florence and co gave numerous interviews before they left the event to continue shooting the film in London.

“We’re making something that’s beautiful, sad, honest and cool. And it’s about these cool women and it’s exciting to be a part of it.”

“(The story) isn’t necessarily about passing on a mantle, it’s more about they were from the same project (…) they have been hurt in the same ways. And it’s about how they get up and how they fix themselves.”

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(Photos) New “Midsommar” content

Florence’s latest project Midsommar premiered in the United States this wednesday (July 3). On that same day, a brand new interview with Florence and cast mate Jack Reynor was released by NowThis, as expected. Hear what the actors had to say about their incredible unique experience in making the film and what they did to keep their mental health in check during the mentally taxing project.

Thanks to the reviews posted by sites and blogs such as Bloody Disgusting and VICE, we discovered new promotional stills and our gallery has been updated! Additionally, there is a new album in our gallery for pictures taken On Set as well as Behind The Scenes photos of Florence and crew. Enjoy!

midsommar, florence pugh, jack reynor, ari aster, a24, stillsmidsommar, florence pugh, jack reynor, ari aster, a24, stillsmidsommar, florence pugh, jack reynor, ari aster, a24, stillsmidsommar, florence pugh, jack reynor, ari aster, a24, stillsmidsommar, florence pugh, jack reynor, ari aster, a24, stills
midsommar, florence pugh, william jackson harper, ari aster, a24midsommar, florence pugh, william jackson harper, ari aster, a24midsommar, florence pugh, william jackson harper, ari aster, a24midsommar, florence pugh, jack reynor, ari aster, a24midsommar, florence pugh, ari aster, a24

One more thing before you go! The New York Times released a scene from the film today as part of their Anatomy of a Scene segment. Mild spoilers ahead!

Florence’s cultural highlights

Curious to know what kind of stuff Florence is into these days? In a recent interview with The Guardian, she talked about some of her current favorite music and entertainment. Read what she had to say below!

1. MusicÓlafur Arnalds: Re:member
On whatever job that I’m doing, I always end up getting drawn to songs and making a playlist. During Midsommar, I listened heavily to the latest album by the Icelandic musician Ólafur Arnalds, which was a massive help. There were so many things in Midsommar that I didn’t really know how to access, so I always had my headphones at the ready. There’s so much emotion and excitement in his music – it’s sad, but also really hopeful – that it became a way of talking to Ari [Aster, director of Midsommar] about scenes. [Arnalds] has a fantastic way of forcing you to feel, and I find it quite therapeutic to get all of that out. And he once liked a tweet of mine and I nearly died.

2. BookThe Girls by Emma Cline
I tend to start lots of books but not finish them, because I don’t have that much free time, but this was one book that I finished recently and loved. It’s a take on the Manson family, but it’s less about him and more about the connection between two women in the group, and what lust and attraction can make you do. It’s a coming-of-age story as well, and I really loved the way bodies are described and the difference that one summer can make when going through puberty. That was really beautiful to read. It was nice to spend time with the book and soak it all up.

3. TVBig Little Lies, HBO
This was one of my favourite TV series of 2018. I was working with [Big Little Lies star] Alexander Skarsgård last year, and he was going straight from The Little Drummer Girl to working on the second season. I couldn’t believe I had to wait a whole year for it – so this is a really great time for me (I’m one episode in). When it first started, I couldn’t quite believe how fantastic the main actors were. It was just so wicked to watch these five American mums who are supposedly so perfect but are actually a total mess. The way it told the story of domestic abuse was beautifully done and really heartbreaking.

4. PodcastDear Joan and Jericha
This is a podcast in which Vicki Pepperdine and Julia Davis pretend to be two older women who dissect and discuss the biggest issues, which never seem to be bigger than their husbands putting the kettle on or silly stuff like that. It’s done so well that, at first, you don’t know if it’s a joke or not, but after 10 minutes you realise it has to be. I’m a fan of Julia Davis, and I’ve worked with her before [on Fighting With My Family]. This is one of the less dark things she’s done, but it’s very funny and they’re both great to listen to.

5. FilmBooksmart
I went to watch this at the lovely little Phoenix cinema in north London with my mum and my younger sister. I’d done a photoshoot with [director] Olivia Wilde in New York the weekend before, so it was really nice to watch the film after talking to her about it. It’s about two girls graduating from high school who decide to have the night of their lives, because they studied too hard to have fun. It’s a fantastic film that has a different way of viewing bodies and people and romance – and the two main actors, Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein, are so bloody brilliant. My mum was laughing just as hard as me and my younger sister.

6. PlayBetrayal at the Harold Pinter theatre, London
I watched this on the closing night a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I managed to catch it. I hadn’t seen the play before – it’s the one that follows a love affair backwards through time – but I’d studied it in school. This production had Zawe Ashton, Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox and I just loved watching them all on stage together. The timing was impeccable and the stage direction was so exciting. It was a particular joy to watch Zawe on stage because I’ve been a big lover of her stuff for years. She has such presence and it was nice to see her up there really living that role.

Florence covers Net-a-Porter

Florence is one of Net-a-Porter’s Women In Hollywood cover stars! The magazine posted an interview with her on their website (June 14, 2019), which included a new photo session by Camila Falquez and an interesting conversation between Florence and fellow cover star Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Deadpool 2). The images have been added to our gallery, and you can read the article and watch the video below. Enjoy!

florence pugh, net-a-porter, 2019, net a porter, photoshootflorence pugh, net-a-porter, 2019, net a porter, photoshootflorence pugh, net-a-porter, 2019, net a porter, photoshootflorence pugh, net-a-porter, 2019, net a porter, photoshoot

British actress Florence Pugh, 23, has steadily been climbing the ladder to worldwide acclaim by way of BBC drama The Little Drummer Girl, 2016’s Lady Macbeth – for which she was nominated for BAFTA’s Rising Star Award – and upcoming, much-hyped horror Midsommar. But it’s her performance as divisive Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s Christmas adaption of Little Women that is set to send her stratospheric.

NAP: Who has been most pivotal to your career?

FP: I had the privilege of working with Emma Thompson [on King Lear] – I’ve grown up watching her and fallen in love with her again and again. I got to hang out with her when Time’s Up and Me Too exploded, and that was a wicked time to be around someone so loud.

NAP: What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned so far?

FP: Speaking up goes a long way. People respect you for it. I think it’s very easy when you’re coming up in this industry to do anything anyone says because you feel your job might be jeopardized. It’s also scary how quickly you notice the difference in your morals, or what you now think of yourself… I have to remind myself of that, and protect myself more.

NAP: What’s been your most ‘Hollywood’ moment so far?

FP: Having tea and chips with Meryl [Streep] in a carriage in-between takes [on Little Women]. We were filming in Boston, doing an exterior scene, and it was cold and we were waiting and then suddenly chips arrived, and I was just eating chips and dipping them in ketchup with Meryl. It’s like, ‘What is happening?!’

NAP: Has your Britishness been an asset in Hollywood?

FP: The lack of need to be perfect definitely comes from being British. There’s something quite rough and ready about the way we’re brought up and the nonsense of silly things. It’s good to have that background when you’re doing something as ridiculous as acting.

NAP: What do you want your IMDB bio to say in 20 years’ time?

FP: I’ve always wanted to be in a Western. Always. That’s honestly my biggest thing. And I would like to direct at some point, but that’s way down the line. Other than that [laughs], if it was trivia, I would love to have owned a snail farm at some point. Snails are my favorite thing in the world.

(Videos) “Fighting With My Family” Interviews – Part 2

Ever since we made our first post with Fighting With My Family interviews, several more have been shared on Youtube. The cast continue’s to be adorable in these, and Florence talks about the similarities between Paige’s world and hers, the things she admires most in Paige’s journey, and the reasons why she chose to join the project.

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(Videos) “Fighting With My Family” Interviews

Florence and her castmates from Fighting With My Family have been doing press junket interviews lately, and the first batch of them are here! She was paired with actress Lena Headey for most of them, and the two are such a lovely pair. You can watch the videos below.

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